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Basing on professional spirit, we combine technology skills for continuous research and development, and today we develop HC-800 multi-function high-speed conical cheeses winder to meet the demand of textile industry. Features of this unit:

  1. Single spindle operation, single spindle shaping, and easy to operate.
  2. High speed turning and noiseless.
  3. Take up each spindle with uniform yarn speed to assure quality.
  4. Take up frame, solid, yarn capacity to take up is over 6kg without jumping to assure a beautiful shape.
  5. Senser detection to give self-stop if yarn is cut. In case of yarn cut, then stop to run immediately to prevent from wearing and staining of the winding yarns.

A TYEP:Bobbin stripper
B TYPE:Bobbin stripper with oiling
C TYPE:Loose bobbin before dyeing
D TYEP:Warp winder
E TYPE:Warp winder+ air jet sprayer
F TYPE:Air jet wrapped elastic yarn (Spandex)

Layout: Unit mm

Type HC-800
Number of Spindles 6 Spindles~120 Spindles
Yarn Supply Over-end, Method
Qualitity of Take-up 10kg Max
Yarn Speed 100m/min~100m/min
Take-up Tube Inner Dia. 57ψ×Inner Dia. 69ψ×Length 290mm (standard),
Other special sizes can be custom-made on request.
Drum Outer Dia. 80mm×Length 275mm
Tension Device Setting according to different yarn
Stopping Device For Yarn Breakage Senser detection
Motor 0.2KW/ / 02.KW Spindle


  1. Precise length setting device
  2. Supplementary creel (2-12yarns)
  3. Air sectional spray equipment
  4. Draft times (1-5 times) elastic yarn.
  5. Oiling unit
  6. Tension relief yarn feeder (used for loose bobbin)